The festival aims to stimulate exchanges and explorations of various conceptual, technical and theoretical approaches by creating bridges between innovative artistic and architectural practices. The festival wishes to cover a very large field of practices, from experimentations with space, art/architecture theories to building sites exploration.

Most of the festival programming will consist of site specific, in situ interventions. More than 20 " art-chistic " installations/interventions will question three different scales of architecture (object scale, building scale, city scale). Conferences and debates, building sites and newly build building visits will give to the public the opportunity to exchange and confront ideas with artists, architects and theoreticians about the new territories, perceptions of architecture in the everyday experience of the city.

The point is not to show already realised or realistic projects but to create an inspiring scenography to exhibit and make accessible the process of architectural creation, research and experimentation. The focus is on architecture to live, to feel, to discover within the specific timeframe of the festival.

+ Object scale

Projects dealing with the 5 senses, with everyday objects, small scale representations (urban furniture, postcards, posters, models, billboards, signaletic, city semiotics, live street performances etc.)


      Isabelle Hayeur (visual artist): As a photographer and a new media artist, Hayeur creates very realistic but totally fictive landscapes that she exhibited in abandoned advertisment billboards (lightboxes) on the highway (Montreal, 2001).

      Laurent Suchy : Interpretation of the city’s semiotic aspects, signs, symbols. Translation of these symbols into schematic graphics and icons to be exchanged between inhabitants of a city or of a quarter, and, then reconstitution of the most significant symbols determined by this exchange process under the form of models.

      Beckmann — N’Thépé : Paintings : architectural transgressions ; conceptual, mental and emotional architecture excluding exterior parameters.

+ Building scale

In situ interventions : installations, sculptures, sound and visual experimentations, models (scale 1/1, 2/1).


      AAA Corp. (artists) : Mobile architecture ; experimentation with communication technologies questioning public space.

      DZ0 ( architects): Giant sculptures made of fabrics, braiding exploring the interrelations between time, location and form.

      Vincent Parreira (architect) : Small box + : prefabricated module usable for various types of actions or events.

      Amy Cheung (visual , video artist): Transparent Shipping Container : homage to clandestine refugees dead in the Chunell. Container, video projections, plastic structures.

      Base paysagistes (landscape architects): Mabrouk, popular multi creators landscape: 1000 mini gardens as pixels recreating the portrait of the dog Mabrouk, popular TV icon. The collective creation of a garden/piece of art as an mean of communication between inhabitants of a quarter. Participative project, anonymous as the landscape itself .

+ City scale

Site specific interventions at the city scale, reinterpreting quarters, urban landscapes and creating links with inhabitants/public.


      Echafaudage du réel (architect, musician, artist) (The scaffolding of reality):

      As an artists collective, EDR builds ephemeral structures using scaffoldings, footbridges made out of ropes. The public is invited to saunter inside the structure that becomes a medium (to screen video projections, to host sound installations...) as well as a temporary space.

      Stéphane C. Delage (visual artist) : Paris Roof Garden : how to reconquer terraces on rooftops of 60s, 70s, 80s buildings... ?

      Chaos Computer Club (new media artists, hackers): Arcade : The largest computer screen in the world. Hundreds of windows of specific buildings (Haus des Lehrers in Berlin, Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris) become interactive pixels allowing the public to create animations online and display them on the facade, and to play old video games.


+ Projections, conferences, debates

A programme of conferences and debates will be integrated in the four days of the festival and will gather all the FAV participants and the public. Architects, theoricians, sociologists, urbanists, artists, philosophers will open a dialogue with specialists and non specialists about various thematics questionning living architectures, new territories of art and architecture, ephemeral and senses oriented architecture, etc

+ On construction sites visits, newly built buildings visits

In parallel, newly built buildings guided tours as well as construction sites visits will show the vast reality of architectural techniques and innovations. By linking theoretical and practical approaches and visions, the FAV festival aims to enrich in a transdisciplinary approach, the research field of architecture with other competencies.